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MicroVita 15gr

Top Crop
ორგანული სასუქი


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Micro Vita from Top Crop is a complement to cultivation based on the enhancement of microbial life; different strains of beneficial fungi
and bacteria combined for root protection and maximum development.


MicroVIta provides a better absorption of nutrients and decomposition of dead matter. Furthermore, Micro Vita contains feed for the various types of microorganisms
composing it, in order to accelerate reproduction once inoculated.

The large number of colony forming units present in each of the strains makes colonization of roots and substrate almost immediate.

The effects are appreciated very quickly. Micro Vita can be used in the soil mixture, added to the irrigation water or applied directly to cuttings, working
as a rooting stimulant. Micro Vita allows repeat applications if necessary by crop conditions. Due to its variety and concentration of microorganisms,
Micro Vita is more than likely the richest contribution of microorganisms on the market.


Ground mix: From 2 to 5 g. for every 10 litres of land.
Irrigation: From 2 to 5 g. for every 10 litres of water.

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