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If you intend to raise seedlings or cuttings, you will certainly need to use a propagator to maintain the correct humid environment
for them to flourish in this early stage and these unheated propagators are perfect for the job.


A high crystal clear top allows your young plants to receive all the light you provide and they also have vents fitted on the lids,
which can be opened or closed to control the temperature and humidity levels inside. The base of the unit has ridges to allow
excess water to drain from your propagation plugs and it should be emptied if it gets too deep with water.

Airontek propagators can be sat by a window, placed in a greenhouse or sat under propagation lighting for the quickest and best results.
Seedlings can be removed from the propagator as soon as the main leaves have started to develop, but cuttings will require a longer period
in the propagator for the roots to form and they should not be removed until a good root system has formed and is clearly visible.

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