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The new Dobermann Series by Airontek. lined with a silver mylar cloth – is the best among all the versions of lite or light grow boxes.

  • Size: 120X120X200 CM

High quality grow-tents from Italy

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The new Dobermann Tent grow box by Airontek is lined with a silver mylar cloth and is the best among all the versions of lite or light grow boxes.
Quality grow box with many features. Its convenient quality / price ratio makes it one of the best-selling growboxes at the moment.

1. Silver-plated 210D Mylar silver mylar inner lining (CRX 90%);
2. Resistant structure;
3. Air intakes for the extractor and the introducer in addition to the screened surfaces for natural ventilation.
4. Black outer fabric
5. Washable inner fabric
6. Support for light kit
7. Resistant plastic corners
8. Assembly instructions
8. Assembly instructions
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