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RUNTZ FAST • Ghetto’s Feminized

Ghetto Seeds

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This strain adds OG Kush Auto genes to the original Runtz, so that without turning it into an Auto cannabis strain, it flowers and matures faster than the classic version. Runtz Fast Flowering is a vigorous and versatile plant that adapts well to any type of cultivation environment, both outdoors and indoors.

Runtz Fast Flowering has a flowering period of about 7-8 weeks indoors. Outdoors, the harvest is ready from late September to early October, depending on latitude and climate.

Runtz Fast Flowering cannabis strain, tropical fruity flavour

Runtz Fast Flowering, with a fast and generous flowering period will delight the grower and once dried and cured will amaze with its remarkable quality.

It offers a terpenes profile composed of exotic fruit with pineapplegrape and peach notes on a creamy and slightly OG Kush background. Aromas and flavours with a great mouthfeel, especially when using a cannabis vaporiser.

It produces an uplifting and euphoric effect, promoting good mood and chatting with friends, with a physical relaxation.

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