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Zerum pro gel melon contains in its formulation a powerful odor neutralizing agent, with the scent melon. Its use can also be extended over time by reloading ZerumPro Refill.
Neutralizing odors with Zerum Pro Gel has never been easier.
Also, let’s remember the importance of having the best smells in your spaces and even more so when they are closed. Breathe in and out slowly!

Leave the jar open in the area to be neutralized, the contents must be stirred from time to time, as it undergoes the natural wear and tear of moisture and the gel grains not exposed to contact with air do not release the neutralizing agent.

It may lose its effectiveness in open environments, large surfaces and/or very ventilated areas. In addition, caution is advised in the presence of children, as they are not suitable for ingestion.
It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which allows safe use in different types of environments and situations, in the presence of people, animals or plants.


400 gr, 900 gr

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